Thank you to all that came to the book signing event on Saturday, February 24. We had a wonderful turnout throughout the day. A very special thank you to all four authors, Dennis & Karen Vinar and Jean & Andrew Voxland, for sharing their very personal story. If you were not able to make it to the book signing event, the Kenyon Public Library has a few signed copies of the book for sale. Each copy is $17. Please contact the library if you are interested in purchasing a copy.




A love story for all people who have ever been in love, this true story follows the trials and tribulations of a 13 year old girl who was an A student and a 15 year old boy who was an average student in a small west central Minnesota town , population 595, in the late 1950’s. The boy was in athletics and the girl was in senior high band. With not much to do in this small town, they would go to dances in the school cafeteria after home football and basketball games. They knew how to do the jitterbug, but they waited for the slow dances so they could hold each other. They fell in love, but their happiness was short lived until 55 years later.


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